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Greg Smith

Web Developer & Skateboarding


Hello! My name is Greg and I'm a full-stack web developer from Melbourne Australia.

After leaving high school I went to work with my dad in the family business as a Service Technician. It was here I completed a trade qualification in Sheetmetal Fabrication. Whilst I learnt a lot of life-long skills and met some great people along the way, as time went by it became more apparent that I it wasn't the career for me.

From there I went on to complete a dual diploma in Software and Website Development at Swinburne TAFE. On completion of the diplomas, I transitioned into the Bachelor of Digital Media with a co-major in Website Development at Swinburne Univeristy. I found the combination of the practical skills of TAFE and the theoretical skills of the degree to complement each other very well, giving me a well rounded set of skills to apply to industry.

When not at my desk I can usually be found down at the local skatepark/golf course. Music is a big part of my life, along with family, great food and great friends.


I've spent the past 4 years working on a combination of contracted work and projects for personal clients.

Here are just a select few of those projects. For a full list of previous projects and sites I've been involved with, please feel free to get in touch!

Movember 2014

I recently worked with the great team at IE Agency as a Front End Developer. Fun was had by all for a great cause.


Bootik was built using WooCommerce and the WordPress. I was involved in all aspects of the build.

Advantage Feeders

The Advantage Feeders site is built from the ground up and includes some cool Google Maps integration along with some fairly complex online surveys.

Pack Up Your Troubles

I recently worked with Josh Margrie on this site. I was responsible for the backend development using WordPress.

Ideal Wardrobes & Cabinets

The Ideal site was built from the ground up and is fully responsive.

Skills & Strengths

I've worked mainly with Wordpress and Concrete5 CMSs, the Laravel and CodeIgniter PHP frameworks, Bootstrap for markup and styling, and for JavaScript I use jQuery for basic stuff or AngularJS for more complex projects.

My preferred build tool is Gulp, however I have used Grunt in the past. Whilst I wouldn't strictly call myself a designer, I do know my way around PhotoShop and I have studied design principles at university.